T6 Series DC Gear Motor Units

Our most versatile offering, the UBT6 DC gear motor is available with four different lid options to suit a wide range of mountings. Used extensively in pumps, vending machines and animated displays, this unit is the perfect solution for any application that requires a quiet, robust and reliable gearbox. Available with SC9 AC, Synchronous AC, DC and Brushless DC versions. Output shaft length and diameter to suit individual customer requirements.

UBD - T6 Series DC Gear Motor

Available with a 5 or 7 series DC motor (see FRSDC section for details)

Output Torque: Up to 8Nm depending on speed and motor size

Speed range: 4 - 425rpm

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The T6 DC Gear Motor is suitable for use in: security systems, safety lighting, phone card machines, money and coin handling, packaging equipment, ventilation equipment, vending machines, peristaltic pumps, diagphragm pumps, amusement machines, valve actuators, point of sale displays, instrumentation, HVAC, turntables, scientific equipment & medical equipment.

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