T3 Series DC Gear Motor Units

The heavyweight of our range, the FBT3 DC gear motor is a low speed, high torque unit designed with pellet fired appliances and fresh brew vending systems in mind, although it is equally suited for many other applications. High quality engineering ensures a quiet and long running life. Available with SC9 AC, Synchronous AC, DC and Brushless DC versions to suit a wide range of applications. Output shaft length and diameter to suit individual customer requirements.

FBD - T3 Series DC Gear Motor

Available with a 5 or 7 series FRS-DC motor

Output Torque: Up to 35Nm depending on speed and motor size

Speed range: 3.5 - 50rpm

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The T3 DC Gear Motor is suitable for use in: switchgear, ventilation equipment, valve actuators, safety lighting, HVAC, packaging equipment, vending machines, fresh brew coffee systems, ice makers, peristaltic pumps, diagphragm pumps, amusement machines, point of sale displays, instrumentation & turntables.

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