MBT10 Series DC Gear Motor Units

Featuring moulded plastic gears and housing, the MBT10 series DC gear motor provides a low cost alternative to standard metal motor gearboxes. The system has been designed on a modular basis to provide maximum versatility - two motors for different torques, choice of gears for three ratios and three different hex plug-in output shafts which can be front or rear mounted.

• 380 (24VDC) or 555 (12VDC or 24VDC) series DC motor (see FRS DC section for details)

• Output Torque: 0.28Nm - 1.9Nm depending on speed and motor size

• Catalogue Speed Range: 80, 140, or 160rpm

• Actual Off Load Speed Range: 65 - 190rpm

The T10 DC Gear Motor is suitable for use in: vending machines.

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