Brushless DC Motor Control Unit

• Single phase output
• Direction change
• Brake System
• Hall-transducer
• Adjustable speed limit
• Direct or frequency driving
• High efficiency
• Inbuilt resettable fuse
• Rail mounting base available

Starter Kit BDC D1 controller, is designed for brushless DC motors with hall-feedback.

The device requires external 24VDC.

Through the microcontroller can be set speed adjustment, direction change and braking.

BDC D1 system includes several control modes: internal or external proportional control (10K Ohm linear potentiometer) or external input, 0-10V or PWM, selectable, with which can be set the speed of rotation by an external device.

Control input can be select through some jumpers.

Can enable/disable 'soft-start' function and chose the ramp time.

The controller can be installed using screws or a standard rail mounting base.

The controller is protected against reversed input voltage polarity and fuse protected against over current.

• Supply voltage: 24 VDC
• Idle current: 10mA approx
• Current limit: 500mA
• Control voltage: 0-10V
• Control potentiometer: 0-10K
• Dimensions: 67x98x15mm
• Weight: 50g approx

Brushless DC drive card

BDC D1 Connection

Power supply (J1/J2): 24 VDC

Motor Connection (J6): Six pole screw connector

Drive by Potentiometer:
• JP1 - Internal External
• Trimmer TR1 - Internal Linear Potentiometer
• J3 - External Linear Potentiometer (10K Ohm)

Soft Start (TR2):
• CCW Disable
• CW Linear 1-30 Sec

External PLC Control (J7):
• JP2 On - Enable PLC Control
• JP2 Off - Disable PLC Control
• JP3 0-10 Volt / PWM

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